Google Tasks App | A Simpler & Easier Way To Manage Tasks

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A Simpler & Easier Way To Manage Tasks

Recently, Google launched a standalone app for users to help manage tasks. It is called Google Tasks. It is a pretty simple app that helps people create to-do lists and keep a track of important work or domestic tasks. It can be synced with Gmail and Google Calendar as well.

How to create a task with Google Tasks?

It is pretty simple to create a task in Google Tasks app.

  1. Download the app from here for iOS and Android.

Download Google Task App

2. Click on “Add a new task.”

Add new task


3. A pop up will open with an open space to fill in your end goals to mark the task complete.

New task


4.You can just add a line or click on the plus sign to expand to add more details.

Add more task

Once you complete a task you can click on the circle next to each task to mark it complete. If you want to reopen the task, you can do it by checking it under the “completed” tab section. Google tasks allows you to sort tasks as per date or by the order of priority. You can set and edit priority of any task as well.

Our Review

We love the simplicity of the app. It is good that Google finally decided to create this app.

“We rate it 4 out of 5”


The design is clean and fresh. Even when we added more than 100 tasks, it still looked organized and neat. The tab and block form looks aesthetically pleasing and anyone can navigate through the app with ease.

Easy access

The app can be accessed even from the desktop version of Gmail and Google Calendar. Even if you have the older version of Gmail, you can still check up your tasks. Although the visual appeal will be missing. However, with the new redefined design of the Gmail, all your tasks are neatly positioned on the right side of your screen. It is easy to access and looks neat. Great thing is that you can just drag a specific mail to the task app and create a task about it.

Ease of use

We loved the user experience aspect of this app. It is fun to add new tasks on the mobile and it gets synced with your desktop automatically. You can add or complete tasks without any hitches. The reminder notifications are great too. With all things Google, it is just a simple app which is easy to use and helps organize to-do lists.

What we didn’t like or felt missing?

Once we started adding more and more tasks and sub tasks, we felt somethings were missing in the app:

  • Customizing ability – we would have given it 5 stars if we could customize the tasks by adding different labels, color code them or add a timer under the due date.
  • You cannot create recurring tasks.
  • In case, you accidentally tap on a list as completed and then uncheck it, only the major task will be restored and the sub tasks will be gone.


This app is perfect for the people who need to quickly take notes without getting confused with an app interface. Google will definitely update the app and add more features. So, you must give it a try.

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