How To Choose The Right Company At UpWork For Your Project?

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Upwork Freelancer

When you want to get a website or an app created, you start looking for professional designers and developers or an outsource company. With the advent of freelance platforms, it has become easier for contractors and business owners to find talented professional freelancers and businesses. But there are billions of freelancers listed on various freelance marketplace, how would you choose the best? UpWork has created an algorithm that has simplified the selection process. The best freelance company or freelancer will have a Top Rated Badge. But should you always go for the Top Rated partner?

How to select the right partner for your project?

How to select the right partner for your project_

In order to get the right candidate for your freelance work, you need to follow the following steps on UpWork:

  1. Firstly, you need to create a job post that is descriptive, clear and to the point. You must include the deadline for the project, your expectations for the freelancer skills, education, work experience etc. It’s imperative to complete your job task on time.
  2. Once you start getting bids on your upwork job post, start reviewing them carefully. Whichever ones you feel are good, interview those candidates. Long-term jobs usually receive around 100 bids. So, you need to sort through a lot of applications in order to choose a right partner. Usually, if you spend just around 10 minutes checking one application, the next ones will get easier as you would be able to easily weed out the “copypaste” kind of applications.
  3. Shortlist the applications that fits your expectations and job post. Line up some interviews with your shortlisted applicants. You have to ensure that the candidate you choose genuinely shares your ideas and interested in your project’s success.
  4. Give the shortlisted candidates the full description of your project and task. This will help them breakdown work and provide you with realistic estimates. Choose the candidate that fits your budget.
  5. Once you have all the above mentioned steps cleared, finalize the candidate, sign the agreement and start the process.

Choosing from UpWork’s Top Rated badge owners is suggested by UpWork, but…

Remember it is not all about the Top Rated Badge holding partner!

Top Rated

At Hab-Itech, we believe in providing highest-quality services to our clients and help them succeed in their project. Getting the top rated badge isn’t our only goal. We want our clients to succeed and we strive to make their project a success.

You have to understand that getting the top-rated badge at UpWork is not about getting constant jobs, delivering projects on time or getting numerous 5 star reviews. It is about delivering what customers want.

The majority of customers we work with are startups, and we understand the challenges they go through day-in and day-out. Working with startups and guiding them is one of our core expertise. We approach every stage of a project carefully and stand alongside our customers to ensure flawless results.

From daily reports, skype meetings and all around the clock support makes us unique. We develop quality solutions and focus on what our client really needs. We see through a project and make sure to follow up.

So before you go for a top rated badge holder, consider a few things such as – price, availability, vision alignment, reporting and last but not the least – your satisfaction.

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